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Dear Friends,

Sorry, we're closed now.

I could not keep gallery open for more then one reason, but the biggest one was me. I did not feel I was strong (and smart) to contine. I needed rest: do nothing time, be closer to Earth, Sea, Sun, Sky, my cat Bikini and my dog Hana.

Do I miss it? Yes! I miss our dinners, painting Easter eggs, my freedom to do with our space whatever I wanted to do, I miss people, soup and bread openings... I miss our little "community".

Do I miss ART? Not now. I am fine having my hands dirty, working in my garden.

What I do now? Hmmm, little art, lots of cooking...

Who I am now? Rebel, definitely!

So, be well my friends and thank you for letting me love you. I know we'll see each other, sonner or later.

-- Yours, always, Ewa

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You can always reach me by phone, e-mail or mail.

Ewa Nogiec 508 487-0011

P.O. Box 675, North Truro, MA 02652


Art Is Good

Here are my friends:


Donna Dodson, Gallery Ehva

Donna Dodson

Bill Liebeskind

Bill Liebeskind

Gallery Ehva: Richard E. Smith

Richard E. Smith

Tracey Anderson
Midge Battelle
Bill Barrell
Rachel Brown
Arthur Cohen
Didier Corallo
David Ellis
Miriam Freidin
Joanna Gabler
Fred Garbers
Wendelin Glatzel
Irén Handschuh
Myrna Harrison

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Provincetown Artist Registry

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I am Provincetown

I am Provincetown...

2011 Season

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Past shows at Gallery Ehva

January 14-26, 2011


Artist In-Residence: Tracey Anderson

Tracey Anderson




January 28-February 9, Opening Friday, January 28, 6-8pm

"Impossible Dream of Ewa"

Artist In-Residence: Tracey Anderson


Tracey Anderson

Tracey Anderson, The Possibility of Leaving, acrylic on canvas, 72"x72", 2011


Ewa Nogiec

Ewa Nogiec, "Impossible Dream of Ewa" installation


February 11-February 23, Opening Friday, February 11, 6-8pm

Say I love you with art!

Artist In-Residence: Nathalie Ferrier

Nathalie Ferrier art installatiion at Gallery Ehva

Nathalie Ferrier, untitled: an informal response to land, nature, and anatomy, 54" x 14'



February 25-March 9, Opening Friday, February 25, 6-8pm

Fabric. Weaving a Community

Work by Jenny Humphreys, Lisa Ventre, Barbara Cohen, Wendelin Glatzel, Tracey Anderson, Ewa Nogiec, René Lamadrid, Rob DuToit, Iren Handschuh, Richard Smith, Denny Camino, and Rob Westerberg.

Artist In-Residence: Diana Maher


Jenny Humphreys

Jenny Humphreys "Everything I Own" embroidered wedding dress


Diana Maher art installation

Diane Maher, "Wild Geese" installation


March 11-23, Opening Friday, March 11, 6-8pm

Frugal Earth: Reclaimed, Reused, Revisited

Artist In-Residence: René Lamadrid

René Lamdrid, artist in-resident

René Lamadrid, artist in-residence installation



March 25-April 6, Opening Friday, March 25, 5-9pm

Rent Party with Art, Music, Food & Fun!

The First Annual Gallery Ehva
Spring Gala

Silent Auction benefit for Gallery Ehva

Gallery Ehva, Silent Auction work for The Rent Party at Gallery Ehva


Rent Party Friday, March 25, 5-9pm

From my heart a big THANK YOU to all the artists, collectors, musicians, supporters and friends for making our First Annual Gallery Ehva Spring Gala a big success! We promise to continue to work hard making beautiul shows in the 2011 season, featuring our talented gallery artists and we will also open our doors (and walls) to all artists who would like to participate in open shows in the hope of creating a truly year-round Provincetown community gallery. We invite you all to share our dream: to continue in the Provincetown tradition as the oldest art colony in America. -- Ewa Nogiec

Contemporary and Early Provincetown Art donated by gallery artists and friends, and work from Ewa's private collection: Tracey Anderson, Midge Battelle, Paul Bowen, Jim Bakker, Rachel Brown, Daniel Dejean, Jim Peters, David Jones, Arthur Cohen, Richard Baker, Pasquale Natale, Barbara Cohen, Lisa Ventre, Michael Walden, Cherie Mittenthal, Nathalie Ferrier, MP Landis, Denny Camino, Peter Busa, Olga Sears, René Lamadrid, Jenny Humphreys, Michael Carroll, Donna Flax, Frank Milby, David Foley, Bunny Pearlman, Richard Smith, signed book by Peter Hutchinson, Wendelin Glatzel, Heather Bruce, Richard DeQuattro, Jimmy Rann, Charlie Grimm, Sarah Johnson, TJ Walton, Muffin Ray, Nancy Viall Shoemaker, Molly Anathan, Yvette Drury Dubinsky, Christie Andersen, Rose Basile, Cyndi Wish, Ellen Anthony, Vicky Tomayko, Bill Liebeskind, Suzanne Harding, Rob DuToit, Myrna Harrison, Anna Poor, Mischa Richter, Jay Critchley, Didier Corallo, Paige Gillies, Amy Kandell, Diana Maher, Zehra Khan, Tim Winn, Pat deGroot, Irén Handschuh, Carla Anderson, Sam Close, Iren Lipton, Blanche Lazzell, Oliver Chaffee, Tod Lindenmuth, Agnes Weinrich, E. R. Euler, Olga Sears, Joseph Kaplan, Saul Yalkert, Judith Shahn, Murray Zimiles, George Hirose, Susan Lyman, Anne Goldberg, Lorrie Fredette, Maurine Sutter, Jane Winter, Mona Dukess, Paul Kelly, Rob Westerberg, Patti Tronolone, Bert Yarborought, Maryalice Johnston, Andy Moerlein, John Choly, Romolo Del Deo, old watercolor donated by Amy Heller and Bart Weisman, Mitch Villani, Bill Evaul, Jonggeon Lee, Lauren Ewing, Mona Anderson, Adam Peck, Meg Shields, and many others..


Gallery Ehva

Gallery Ehva

Gallery Ehva

Gallery Ehva

Gallery Ehva

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Zehra Khan & Tim Winn, artists in-residence program at Gallery Ehva

Disco '94

Artists In-Residence: Tim Winn & Zehra Khan

Gallery Ehva



April 8-20, Opening Friday, April 8, 6-8pm and "Lay on the Hay" happening Friday, April 15, 6-8pm

AppearancesAppearances: Hay Room

Hay Room at Gallery Ehva

Hay Room installation, April 2011

+ Gallery Artists Exhibit: Jonggeon Lee, Didier Corallo, Alicia Henry, René Lamadrid, Daniel Dejean, Lisa Ventre, Jenny Humphreys, Tracey Anderson and others

Artist In-Residence: Cyndi Wish

Cyndi Wish

Residency runs 4/2-16/2011 - Opening Friday, April 8, 6-8pm



April 22-May 4, Opening Friday, April 22, 6-8pm

Early Provincetown Art: Harbor Scenes

Early Provincetown Art

Henrietta Dunn Mears (1877-1970), The Old Green Packet, oil on canvs, 10 x 8 inches

+ Artists United

Open show: Call to all artists to participate!

Drop off date: April 20 - Pick up date: May 5

Harriet Jerusha Korim, Cloud Prayer

a t m o s p h e r e  ~ 11 folk-songs for 21st century earthlings by Jerusha Harriet Korim


Artist In-Residence: Michael Walden

Residency runs 4/17-30, 2011 - Opening Friday, April 22, 6-8pm

Michael Walden



May 6-18, Opening Friday, May 6, 6-8pm

Early Provincetown Art: Townscapes


Stephen Aiken

+ Stephen Aiken Photographs

Joseph Beuys
Coyote: I Like America and America Likes Me

Stephen Aiken photograph of Joseph Beuyes' Coyote

Saturday, May 7, 4-6pm Talk by Stephen Aiken

Joseph Beuys' Coyote: Documentation, Memory, and Remains

. . . . . . .

Artist In-Residence: Gemma Fabris

Residency runs 5/1-15, 2011 - Opening Friday, May 6, 6-8pm



May 20-June 1, Opening Friday, May 20, 6-8pm

Early Provincetown Art: Seashore

+ Introductions III: Cyndi Wish and Tim Winn

+ 30 Years in America (1981-2011)

Ewa's journey from Poland to Provincetown


Saturday & Sunday, May 21-22, 10am on

Monumental Yard Art Sale Ptown



Opening Reception Saturday, May 28, 5-7pm

Michael Walden at the Benchmark Inn

Michael Walden at Benchmark Inn
"Seashore Paintings"

The style all started with the seashore. I was told about the 12x12 auction at the Provincetown Art Association & Museum, and wanted to enter a piece. I had this idea of breaking up my canvas with a simple grid of one inch squares. I always loved the geometry of the bath house at Herring Cove beach, so it seemed like the perfect fit. It was the beginning of this journey of finding simple lines and colors to express the things I see, the way I feel about the land water and space around me. As I move on, I'm finding the journey, or the concept isn't so simple after all.

Thank heavens for the National Seashore. It's so easy to remove yourself from the craziness of Provincetown during the height of the season, or to be invigorated with life during the coldest most desolate months of winter. Never the same, always changing... Just like everything else.

--Michael Walden



June 3-15, Opening Friday, June 3, 6-8pm

Early Provincetown Art: 3 Dorothies (Gregory, Loeb, Wyman)

Dorothy Lake Gregory

Dorothy Lake Gregory

Dorothy Loeb

Dorothy Loeb

Dorothy Wyman

Dorothy C. Wyman

+ Jenny Humphreys
+ Jackie Reeves
+ Jenny Fragosa (White Room)



June 17-29, Opening Friday, June 17, 6-8pm

Early Provincetown Art: Carborundum Pastel Portraits

Mystery! Who made them? Who are the people? Where they were done? When?

Carborundum Pastel PortraisCarborundum Pastel Portrais
Carborundum Pastel Portrais Carborundum Pastel Portrais

+ Leslie Gillette Jackson celebrates 90th birthday

Leslie Gillette Jackson celebrates 90th birthday

+ Really Small Works (group show)



July 1-13, Opening Friday, July 1, 6-8pm

Early Provincetown Art: In the Garden

Special exhibit from the Bakker Collection of art depicting flowers in conjunction with "Secret Garden Tour" organized by Provincetown Art Association and Museum (see PAAM's spacial events here...)


Bruce McKain, Crocuses


+ Introducing 10 days of art portfolio '2011

10 artists...

10daysofart portfolio

Tracey Anderson, Barbara Cohen, Jenny Fragosa, Nathalie Ferrier, Alicia Henry, MP Landis, Bill Liebeskind, Réne Lamadrid, Kevin McDermott, Michael Walden

10 boxes of art...

+ Jim Bakker

Jim Bakker, cyanotype

+ Rachel Brown "Elsewhere Landscapes"

Rachel Brown

+ American Flag

Jenny Humphreys, American Flag installation

Jenny Humphreys, American Flag installation



July 9-10, Saturday & Sunday, Noon-4pm

Hats by Lisa Ventre: Show & Sale

Lisa Ventre - Hats Show & Sale


July 15-27, Opening Friday, July 15, 6-8pm

Early Provincetown Art: Our Furry Friends

+ Daniel Cleary

Daniel Cleary

Daniel Cleary, untitled, photographic triptych, 51" X 13" (unframed), 2011

+ Daniel Dejean
+ Donna Dodson: Birds of a Feather
+ Alicia Henry
+ Andy Moerlein: Avian Events



July 19, Tuesday, 8pm

SNAP Shows

Performed by Ellen Anthony, Puppeteer

SNAP shows are flashes of theatre -- 5-10 minute experimental segments -- that evoke dream worlds, subtle realms.

Theatre poems with original music. Inner landscapes built of driftwood, twine, wax.

Tickets at door $10. Limited seating.

SNAP Shows performed by Ellen Anthony, puppeteer Ellen Anthony, Puppeteer

Ellen Anthony

Ellen Anthony

Sophie Crafts


July 29-August 10, Opening Friday, July 29, 6-8pm

Early Provincetown Art:
Marston Hodgin

Marston Hodgin, Moonlight, oil on board

Marston Hodgin, Moonlight, oil on board


+ Invitational / Polylogue

Invitational / Polylogue exhibition curated by Iren Handschuh

Kathrine Moore, Ramona Peters, Christina Schlesinger, Loulou Weiss

Irén Handschuh, French-American sculpturCurated by Irén Handschuh

For 2011 Gallery Ehva season Irén Handschuh curates "Polylogue" invitation exhition with work by four of her companeras.

The artists in this exhibit have shared a dialogue with me for many years. Their work and conversations have given me courage, stretched my thinking and often enchanted me. We have worked together, shown together, talked, played and laugh our heads off. They have spured my growth.

I want to share an exhibition space with them because their mind and art should be known and seen in this part of the world. -- Irén Handschuh


+ Barbara Cohen (White Room)

Barbara Cohen, Provincetown artist



August 12-24, Opening Friday, August 12, 6-8pm

Early Provincetown Art: William Littlefield's figural studies

Willliam Littlefield, Early Provincetown Art, portrait


+ Nathalie Ferrier

Nathalie Ferrier, Provincetown artist

+ Bill Liebeskind

Bill Liebeskind

+ Tracey Anderson: In Thrall

Tracey Anderson, Provincetown artist

+ Rob DuToit (White Room)

Rob DuToit, Provincetown artist, drawing with ink on printed paper



August 26-September 14, Opening Friday, August 26, 6-8pm

Early Provincetown Art: Masters

Jane Jarvis Mumford

Early Provincetown Art, Jane Jarvis Mumford

+ René Lamadrid

Rene Lamadrid, artist in-residence Winter 2010


+ MP Landis: sq/ft remix: 1999-2011

Painting by MP Landis

+ Kevin McDermott

Photograph by Kevin McDermott

+ Janice Redman

Print by Janice Redman


+ Michael Walden

Painting by Michael Walden


10 Days of Art event symbol10 DAYS OF ART FESTIVAL EVENT - Sept 16-28, Opening Friday, Sept 16, 6-8pm

10 Days of Art Festival

Gallery Ehva with over 50 Provincetown galleries celebrates the end of Summer!

"After Hot Summer"

Early Provincetown Art:

Evelin Bourne

Evelin Bourne


Contemporary Art:

Myrna Harrison

+ Myrna Harrison
+ Richard Smith

Richard Smith 2011 exhibit

Richard Smith 2011 Exhibit

+ Rob Westerberg

Rob Westerberg, 2011 exhibit

Rob Westerberg 2011 Exhibit

+ Art Portfolio Project

Meet the Artists Saturday, Sept. 17, 1-3pm


10 Days of Art event symbol10 DAYS OF ART FESTIVAL EVENT - Sunday, September 18, 5-6pm

David B. Wright, concert at Gallery Ehva

Live Concert: David B. Wright

MUSIC CONCERT: Celebrating 25 years of performing on the Outer Cape, and making his debut at Gallery Ehva, David B. Wright will be bringing his talent (and his piano) to the gallery. Maybe you've heard him singing at Napi's, at the former Esther's or in concert? Don't miss this opportunity to hear some of the world's best popular songs sung live... and a few originals to boot! Free admission. CDs available. Pass the hat.



10 Days of Art event symbol10 DAYS OF ART FESTIVAL EVENT - Monday, September 19, 6-7pm

Poetry Reading at Gallery Ehva

Poetry Reading

Mary Ann Larkin and Patric Pepper read work by Great Polish Poets:[l-r] Adam Zagajewski, Czeslaw Milosz, Zbigniew Herbert and Wieslawa Szymborska. Also poems by Piotr Gwiazda.



10 Days of Art event symbol10 DAYS OF ART FESTIVAL EVENT - Tuesday, September 20, 2-3pm

Stephen Aiken talks about Joseph Beuys

Round Table Talk

Stephen Aiken on Joseph Beuys' Coyote: Documentation, Memory, and Remains



Ellen is back by popular demand...

10 Days of Art event symbol10 DAYS OF ART FESTIVAL EVENT - Thursday, September 22, 7pm

SNAP Shows

Performed by Ellen Anthony, Puppeteer

SNAP shows are flashes of theatre -- 5-10 minute experimental segments -- that evoke dream worlds, subtle realms.

Theatre poems with original music. Inner landscapes built of driftwood, twine, wax.

Tickets at door $20. Limited seating.

Ellen Anthony



10 Days of Art event symbol10 DAYS OF ART FESTIVAL EVENT - Sunday & Monday, September 26 & 27

Artist's Talk & Workshop

Bookbinding for Artists and Booklovers with Roni Gross.

Artist Talk: Artist Books: A Good Marriage, Sunday, September 25, 2-3pm - Free and open to public. Workshop: Monday, September 26 and Tuesday, September 27, 10-3pm. $300 - deadline for registration Friday, September 16. To register call 508-487-0011 or email to



September 30-October 19, Opening Friday, September 30, 6-8pm

+ Mona Dukess

+ David Ellis

+ Zehra Khan

+ Lisa Ventre


Mona Dukess, Pond Series #5

Mona Dukees, monoprint

David Ellis, "Clone"

Zehra Kahn

Hairy Monster Growls by Zehra Khan

Lisa Ventre

Sculptures by Lisa Ventre



October 7-19, Opening Friday, October 7, 6-8pm

Early Provincetown Art: Olga Sears

+ Sisterhood of Gallery Ehva

GROUP SHOW: Tracey Anderson, Rachel Brown, Barbara Cohen, Donna Dodson, Nathalie Ferrier, Jenny Fragosa, Irén Handschuh, Myrna Harrison, Leslie Gillitte Jackson, Zehra Khan, Ewa Nogiec Janice Redman, Jackie Reeves, Meg Shields, Lisa, Ventre, Cyndi Wish + GIRLFRIENDS



Wednesday-Friday, October 12-14, 4-6pm / Women's Week Event

The Relationship Ride: A Usable, Unusual, Transformative Guide with Julie Colwell

Did you ever have the thought, "relationships are so hard!" Or "It shouldn't be so hard to be with this person--it must not be meant to be!"

Have you tried to read books, go to couples therapy, or even attend workshops on relationships, but thought the whole thing was too boring or too much work?

Julie ColwellMeet Dr. Julie Colwell, who has written a book called The Relationship Ride: A Usable, Unusual, Transformative Guide. Dr. Colwell believes that, if approached from the right perspective, relationships are the most effective vehicle for personal transformation.

"I've noticed how many books on relationships are very serious—even boring. They keep the attention on what's wrong and how to fix those wrongs.  My book offers something I believe is more useful and precious and fun. It assumes that two people together create a relation-Ship ride that actually leads the way toward our souls' full evolution."

In The Relationship Ride, Dr. Colwell changes our perceptions about what is possible. "Instead of 'settling for,' I teach people about riding the waves of initial bliss into a long-term relationship of mutual joy and in-loveness. I wanted to make this book very usable, interesting, even fun—the kind of book that is dog-eared, well-used, and water-logged from getting pulled out in the middle of difficulty. There are lots of concrete tools, maps, and exercises for everything I talk about."

Dr. Colwell is an expert on the ins and outs of lesbian relationships (she's been with her partner, Kathy, for 23 years, and has worked extensively with the lesbian community for the last 25). She recently made quite a splash at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, where women were wowed by her warm, funny, and engaging presentation style.

She will be reading from and signing The Relationship Ride at the Gallery Ehva on Wednesday, October 12, from 4-6pm (free).  She'll be teaching some of her tools on Thursday and Friday, October 13 and 14, from 12-3pm; ($50/person/day or $75 for both days.)

--> For more information and Julie, visit her website.



October 21-November 2, Opening Friday, October 21, 6-8pm

Early Provincetown Art: Woodblocks


Tracey Anderson/Scotland
Paul Bowen/Wales
Daniel Dejean/France
Nathalie Ferrier/France
Wendelin Glatzel/Germany
Irén Handschuh/France
Peter Hutchinson/England
Zehra Khan/Pakistan
Marianne Kinzer/Germany
Welmoed Laanstra/Holland
René Lamadrid /Cuba
Jonggeon Lee/South Korea
Ewa Nogiec/Poland
Janice Redman/England
Jackie Reeves/Canada
Janet Slom/South Africa



November 4-16, Opening/Meet the Artist Saturday, November 5, 2-3:30 pm

Early Provincetown Art: Small Works

Toni Schiff portrait photograph

+ Toni Schiff, New Paintings

Opening/Meet the Artist: Saturday, November 5th, 2:00 - 3:30 pm

Toni Schiff washed ashore and has been a Provincetown resident since 1989. She was born and raised in Washington D.C. Toni attended the University of Maryland and received a degree in Early Childhood Education.

After working as a teacher and counselor for many years, she returned to school, receiving a master’s degree in Feminist Therapy at Goddard-Cambridge College in Cambridge, MA. She was a psychotherapist with a flourishing private practice until she retired in 1998.

Toni recently renewed her interest in painting after attending a class for people who have visual impairments at the Provincetown Council on Aging. She is a prolific artist whose work has an international following.

Toni Schiff, GreenToni Schiff, RedToni Schiff, Blue


+ Artist in-Residence: Jenny Fragosa

Jenny Fragosa installation

Artist in-residence Jenny Fragosa, "Salt" installation

+ Winter Salon (White Room)



The Bakker Collection and Gallery Ehva invite you to a very special Silent Auction of Early and Contemporary Provincetown art.

Preview and Start Bidding with Buy Now! Friday, November 18, 6-8 pm

Preview will continue all week, till Saturday, November 26, 2pm.

AUCTION PARTY Wine ~ Music ~ Food

Saturday, Nov. 26, 4 pm on

Silent Auction Closing will start at 6 pm.


Thanksgiving Auction

insalely great Provincetown Thanksgiving Auction

insalely great Provincetown Thanksgiving Auction

insalely great Provincetown Thanksgiving Auction

insalely great Provincetown Thanksgiving Auction

insalely great Provincetown Thanksgiving Auction

Holly Folly Festival, every December in Provincetown

December 2-14, Opening Friday, December 2, 6-8pm

Holidays Lights

Lights installation ouside gallery

Early Provincetown Art

Lillian Meeser, Agnes Weinrich, WH Littlefield, Oliver Chaffee, Edwin Dickinson, Helen Sawyer, Jerry Farnsworth, Dorothy Lake Gregory


Early Provincetown Art: Lillian Meeser, Agnes Weinrich, WH Littlefield, Oliver Chaffee, Edwin Dickinson, Helen Sawyer, Jerry Farnsworth, Dorothy Lake Gregory

. . . . . . .

Remembering Billy

Remembering Billy

. . . . . . . .

Artist in-resident Lisa Ventre

Lisa Ventre

. . . . . . . .

Wall Installation by Padric Meagher

Padric Meagher


December 16-28, Opening Friday, December 16

Tree Trimming & Gifts for Holidays


December 30-January 11, 2012, Opening Friday, December 30, 6-8pm

Early Provincetown Art: Resolutions

+ Goodbye 2011

Jane Paradise

Jane Paradise

Jane Paradise

Jane Paradise, untitled, photographs



Dec 31-January 12, 2011, Opening Friday December 31, 10pm-12:30am


New Year's Eve Party & Art Opening

Artist In-Residence: Wendelin Glatzel

Wendelin Glatzel

Jan | Feb | March | Apr | May | June | July | Aug | Sept | Oct | Nov | Dec



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Art Is Good

Here are my friends:

Gallery Ehva, Nathalie Ferrier

Nathalie Ferrier

Alicia Henry

Alicia Henry

Daniel Dejean, Gallery Ehva

Daniel Dejean

Gallery Ehva, Janice Redman

Janice Redman

Rob Westerberg

Rob Westerberg

Barbara Cohen, Gallery Ehva

Barbara Cohen

Ken Horii, Gallery Ehva

Ken Horii

. . . . . .
Jenny Humphreys
René Lamadrid
Bill Liebeskind
Susan Lyman
Diane Messinger
Andy Moerlein
Henry Moore
Ewa Nogiec
David Paulson
Cyndi Wish

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